Thomas More: A Saint For Our Times

St. Thomas More is indeed a saint for our times and a man for all seasons. Thomas More is a man for all seasons because he represents that which is universal in scope and application: Truth.

Truth is the very foundation on which we stand. The world around us is imbued with truth. Our existence has intelligibility because it is the product of the divine Word who is truth itself and in whom there is no falsehood. Thus, the more we align ourselves to truth, the more truly human we become; our assent to perfection in our humanity is made possible because truth became flesh. Our martyrdom consists in the fact that we live as beacons of truth in a fallen world that has been invaded by the darkness of falsehood.

The stupidity of this darkness is exemplified when Jesus stands before Pilate. Pilate, as he stares truth in the face, asks “what is truth?” No servant is greater than their master, and as icons of truth patterned after Jesus, we must be prepared to testify to the truth amidst the stupidity and darkness of this world. In testifying to the truth we allow ourselves to be enveloped by darkness and swallowed whole. However, it is in the apparent gulp of victory by darkness that we become martyrs to truth and thus the very remedy to darkness. Thomas More testified to the truth in the face of a darkness that had as its only weapon, death. Thomas More was assured the victory because he had the weapon which cannot be defeated, the weapon which gives eternal life: Truth.

Jesus said that he came to testify to the truth. Thomas More is a saint because he lived in imitation of Jesus and thus came to testify to the truth and be a shining witness to the glory of God. St. Thomas More is indeed a saint for our times. Let us pray for the grace to defend the truth and beauty of marriage amidst the tyranny of illegitimacy and falsehood. Like More, we must be willing to give everything, even our very lives, in defense of the Church.

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