Why Christine Pursued Marian Consecration and Why You Should Too

Christine consecrated herself to Jesus through Mary under this image at Immaculate Conception Church in Salem, MA. She renews her consecration there as well. (Photo by Christine)

She was first inspired to pursue Marian consecration because her mother did it. She’d been looking for a way to consecrate her life to Jesus, but as a married woman.

Her first time, she followed the original program by St. Louis de Montfort, which she describes as a more intense prayer schedule for the 33 days leading up to consecration. You can find your copy of True Devotion to Mary here. But she has also used Father Michael Gaitley MIC’s book “33 Days to Morning Glory” which you can find here.

Christine said that the consecration “translated into a greater ability to let God’s will guide [her], and to worry much less about how things will be.”

When asked what she would say to someone considering Marian consecration, Christine responded “Be not afraid!” She helps people through Marian consecration as a part of adult ministry at her parish, and she mentioned that people often get fearful. “Satan is real, and he doesn’t want people receiving the grace,” Christine noted.

Christine revealed that consecration brings two worldly things to light: (1) you might realize how attached you are to your own will versus the will of God and (2) you might also realize how hard it is to consider relinquishing some of that control.

But once you go through with the consecration, Christine said that if a person is committed to trusting God, it is the greatest peace and purpose a person can receive.

This feature is a part of our Love our Lady collection. If you would like to contribute images or a story/comment on why you love Mary and the role Mary has played in your life, contact us! Email at thecaritascafe@gmail.com or find us on Instagram to DM: @alyssagrasinski.

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