5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Catholic Mama

Mother’s Day is in two days. Whether you have always been a procrastinator with gifts or you have a good explanation for coming to the game late this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are five ideas of gifts to give to the Catholic mama in your life.

1. Give her a spiritual bouquet.


A spiritual bouquet is like a physical floral bouquet—beautiful, unique, and greatly appreciated by the recipient—but better! Spiritual bouquets don’t whither and die in a week, they won’t cause any allergy flare-ups, and the graces merited are beyond what you will ever know!

So, what is a spiritual bouquet? Instead of giving flowers (or in addition to), pray for your mother and keep track of all the prayers you offered specifically for her. This could also include fasting or offering sufferings. Then, you may express the bouquet in whatever way you see fit! You could simply include what you prayed, how you offered things up for her in a card, you could tell her in person, you could write it as a note attached to a physical bouquet of flowers—the possibilities are endless. Depending on how much time you have, you could get creative and paint, draw, or embroider some flowers. However you tell her, she’ll love it!

Examples of what you could include in a spiritual bouquet: rosaries, divine mercy chaplets, our fathers, Hail Mary’s, novenas, saint prayers, holy hours, masses, fasting from coffee for x amount of time, offering a specific suffering, etc.

2. Handwrite a letter to her.


It doesn’t matter how bad your handwriting is. Everyone loves a handwritten letter! They are personal, tangible, and truly show that you took the time to think of her.

Ideas of what you could include in your letter:

  • Your favorite memory together
  • What you love most about her
  • How you look up to her
  • That you thank God for her
  • A poem you’ve written
  • A saint quote (an especially relevant one is St. Therese of Lisieux’s “The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.”
  • A prayer

3. Have mass offered for her.

IMG_2988-1Having a mass offered for someone is one of the best possible gifts! Most often, masses are said for souls who have passed away, but you can also have mass said for the living. A Dominican priest, Father Cole OP, wrote that “. . . one Mass offered for anyone living will have a greater efficacy for that person because in this life all are capable of freely cooperating with any grace and the graces of a Mass may even change the direction of someone’s life including one’s own.” How amazing! This is a perfect gift because infinite graces flow from the sacrifice of the mass!

To go about this, contact your parish and ask about having mass offered for someone. A free will donation (stipend) is accepted, but should not be required. Make sure to share the mass card with your mum or tell her that mass was/will be offered for her.

4. Give her a Mary-themed gift.

Statue of the Blessed Mother with the Child Jesus, Costa Rica

Mary is the ultimate mother—the mother so many mothers look up to. Giving her a Mary-themed gift would serve as a great reminder of the mother she strives to be like.

Mary-themed gift ideas include: rosaries, rosary pouches, one decade rosaries, Marian prayer cards, a Mary statue, etc.

5. Pray with her.

A Catholic mother spends an incredible amount of time praying for her children. She prays for their holiness, their happiness, their vocation, their fulfilment. The list goes on.

As a Mother’s Day gift, ask her to pray with you and she will likely be overjoyed! Praying a holy hour together and then sitting at the local coffee shop, sipping on tea would be an amazing gift (granted you live in the same town and can do this).


A parting note: there are more women who are mothers than we might realize. If you know a woman who has suffered loss, I encourage you to think of her on Mother’s Day, reach out to her to let her know, or perhaps even do one of the above suggestions for her.

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